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Latest experience Baidu Google to SEO novice fast ranking

I optimize time is not very long, but I have found out some experience, want to share with you. If you want to see some inspiration from the novice and communicate with each other, if you see the old hand, please point out the shortcomings and let the novice learn from you. Keep your mouth shut and turn to the subject.

I optimized the site specifically into five steps:

1., after we get the website, what we should do first is to determine what keyword the website wants to make. It’s like I open a shop and decide what to sell.


2. makes good keywords, we’re going to change the word "title", "Keywords", "description", "Head" in the web site. I summed up a few points.

The key words in

a.title can match, so we don’t have to fill each keyword up as long as we can match it. Because of the time problem is unknown, I do not understand, go to my website, we exchange together.


b.keywords keyword can not match, must be in the title matching out all the keywords written on

The words in

c.description can match, and must contain all the keywords in title. (I usually put all of the keywords in it)

3., we have to do is layout good keywords, do keyword density, general 2%-8% (I generally do 5%-7%), keyword density query website: Of course, we do not because the keyword density is not enough to deliberately accumulate, we should, however, why is called natural ranking, it is natural, spiders are also very natural, so you will have to his appetite.

4., and then look at the whole site (mainly home page) to see if there is any wrong links……. Check out the links on your home page.

5. submits your home page to the search engine, as if our shop has been renovated and opened.

ha ha, today and share with you the preparation of the submission of the site, after the specific optimization, I will write all out. Don’t underestimate this part. This is the first part of our trend toward the master of optimization. How about that? Do you think it’s very simple? The writing skill is not good. It’s really hard to write this passage. So I hope you can bring back the source:

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