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Analysis of Ali ecological integration of video thinking

A few days ago is still concerned about the upcoming Ali

box will have a larger market, today saw Ali again in the field of video motion – Ali group is likely strategic investment PPTV. If this molding, then Ali in the field of Internet video, will have both PPTV and TV box two heavyweight products, for the construction of their own ecosystem platform will be further.

in fact, the most critical step in the analysis of the feasibility of investment behavior is to determine whether the investment can bring sufficient benefits to the acquirer. In other words, Ali group spent money on the product attributes to better integrate into their own platform, otherwise, the two mutually exclusive, lost the acquisition of significance.

PPTV then added there will be the ideal result? Who does not say this, because a lot of factors in the actual operation by the Internet, it is impossible to define for a particular product in the future under the absolute, but the purchase of carrier owners find in many ways, the addition of PPTV will make more clear Ali integration strategy clear.

want to know the video has an extremely important position in the field of Internet, compared to video games, in business and profit in the direction of "material" is more diversified, and the video is a transformation for the data of the industry, will be ready to let Ali and give full play to its advantages and high quality user video in the bag. To achieve more traffic guidance. As an important part of the video and the Internet, to expand the capacity of mobile terminal is also considerable, or Baidu will be costly to the acquisition of PPS, which is enough that the video for the mobile platform derived meaning.

In contrast, Ali

this time in the mobile platform as it can be said, quite brilliant, not only add unfamiliar street, Sina micro-blog and other social media, enrich the O2O closed-loop circle, also have more cash flow of Tintin mining, plus Alipay existing and business platform, Ali’s strategy seems wonderful. But for today we stir hardware era, Ali in the mobile hardware ability has not been recognized by the market, regardless of operating system or Ali cloud mobile phone, has not won the attention of tepid performance is a failure.


is not in the mobile terminal hardware, also do not suffer, with a strong cash flow, Ali can obtain the opportunity on an equal footing and Tencent is any company that will be more initiative in their own hands, Ali is no exception, frustrated in hardware will surely let Ali more hope the achievements. So the emergence of the TV box is taken for granted. In the box, some friends have expressed different views, that the long-term development of the market force did not imagine the beautiful, in an operating system and other products can not exist in the value and the significance of their existence will be cut. However, the carrier purchasing owners want to say, for a need to make achievements in the hardware market Ali, which is on the hardware >