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Enhance site traffic cheats

what kind of website is more traffic


this is a fundamental problem, the content and direction of the site is well chosen, so it is easier to attract users, to give you a list of several currently available website model:

1, Download class site

advantages: it is easy to move up popularity, do not need a lot of publicity, updates do not like news,

disadvantages: too much, ha ha, in addition, if not to steal, you can consider how long your space. Therefore, individuals believe that the personal site is not appropriate to start relying on or occupy resources (space, bandwidth, manpower, etc.) too large project.

2, AV

is now anti piracy, royalty, lawsuit, careful to find you, long-term development potential is not big (personal opinion, for reference only)

3, forum chat room class

if you’re not crazy about hobbies or hobbies, don’t waste your precious time.

4, commercial shopping

Taobao, as you all know, may be difficult for you to make Taobao, but it can serve as a platform for commodity trading services, increase trading discounts, information, etc., and contact buyers and buyers to provide bridges.

5, URL class

this is not bad, lazy mode is not updated, ha ha, how profitable is your thing.

6, portal class

admires him as an editor, reporter, technology, author, CEO, manager… And one,


selected site positioning, to improve the flow of our site, there are two key points: 1, do a good job content 2, more promotion.

content is mainly page design and update skills.

one, page design

has the following skills in module placement,

1 and text are actually more attractive than images.

, the first 2 users to browse the web in the eye focus on the movement of the upper left corner of the page, and then browse the content right down. So your important content should be in the upper left corner and the upper part.

3, readers will ignore banner ads..

research shows that readers tend to ignore most of the banner ads, which tend to last only a fraction of a second. If you want to make money through advertising, don’t make advertising banners. The upper right corner of the page is easily delayed by visitors. This is a good choice. Placing ads aside with the best content can also boost your concentration.

4, fonts and formats are not too flashy, keep the website cool and easier to retain users.

5 changes font size to stimulate browsing behavior

For example: < >