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Look at our side what are the low cost opportunities to make money

2015 has been in the past half year, in many years ago, people still intend to start to talk about entrepreneurship, but why not ask them to act immediately, they will not say too much capital, can not find business opportunities. Is this really the reason? May wish to look at our side what are low-cost opportunities to make money.

now and micro-blog’s influence can not be ignored, if you love the attention of social network, then consider, for enterprise management of local social network, product promotion, release promotions, customer complaints, regularly updated news and information of customers, collect monthly fixed management fee.

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if you love the work of the study population, you can then as a genealogy expert, to help people to write Genealogy Research, tracking lost contact with relatives or ancestors, there are many websites currently online genealogy in the operation, should study can help you. However, pay attention to the area where you live, some of the work is required to obtain official recognition or certificate.