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CN domain name registration is open to individuals effective audit is kingly way

this morning to see some of the media reports, re open for individual users CN domain name registration CNNIC plan, the latest progress is being drafted to open personal domain name registration scheme, and promote the relevant terms of the revised "rules" to implement the domain name registration. Saw this news, really lets us such individual stationmaster feel happy, by CN domain name individual cannot register the thing has been bothering us for a month, now finally saw the hope. Really worth the pleasure.

CN domain name as cheap, and compared with the COM domain name, registration and use of low cost, many have some value of the domain name registration, before adding the promotional price of one yuan registration, make it become a lot of growers and users of personal choice. According to relevant information, as of the end of 2008, CN domain name registration volume reached 13 million 570 thousand, ranking first in the world’s largest national top-level domain name. At the same time, the number of sites under the CN domain name accounted for 77% of the total number of domestic websites. Because CN uses cost less than other domain name, also once used by some criminals. Has brought about the disadvantageous development to the entire internet.

Due to the

CN domain name abuse, some criminals in December 10, 2009, CNNIC announced that from December 14, 2009, to stop the individual CN domain name registration, and before the registration of the domain name holder should be before January 31, 2010, to the Registrar to submit the relevant information to prove that the material, with the domain name registration services to domain name registration information check the work.

and CNNIC in the days before the release of "the twenty-fifth China Internet development report" revealed that although the 2009 Chinese most network statistics are on the rise, but the number of domain names CN fell 110 thousand, a decline of 0.83%.

in view of this situation, the relevant reports have today the media for CNNIC is studying and drafting the personal CN domain name registration and filing conditions, in addition CNNIC also plans to promote the revision of "domain name registration rules", to allow individuals to apply for registration as soon as possible.

in fact, personally believe that the closure of CN domain name registration of individuals, can not completely restrict the CN domain name of individual registration channels, is not an old saying? "There are policies, there are countermeasures."". In fact, even if you limit, or someone will find a flexible approach. Will be greatly reduced for the actual implementation effect, before I also with some professional minon talk about this issue, in fact, the industry is clear, can not find a company, as long as the other side to this company, affiliated can register CN domain. Friends also recommend another approach, that is, directly using credit cards in foreign ISP service providers to register CN domain name is also possible (but in this way, how specific, I did not try). I think we all see, CN domain name registration is not flexible.

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