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Grassroots webmaster where is our way out

clock, Dangdang knock two times, the bell at night is extraordinarily piercing. Looked up to know it is already late at night at 2 in the morning, people had gone to sleep, and as a webmaster I changed the GG code, a template is just changed in half…… today we estimate all nighters, but also because the sense in the morning before Baidu take snapshots have their own web sites, update your personal website, pay too much, and the harvest will never pay is proportional to the. Although one of the old webmaster retreat, but it can not stop the arrival of a new webmaster. Year after year, day after day. GG every day is that poor few knives, is to give up is to adhere to, and my future lies?.

Internet cold winter really came, all network company closures and layoffs, is our personal webmaster also face winter baptism, already heard a expert said: personal webmaster fireworks fall It is all up with. Make my heart with emotion, be calm, heart was a desolate, may be moved by sight! In spite of the night has been deep, still insist to write out a little feeling inside. Is pregnant with a warm heart, a beautiful wish come together, to build up the website, which is today’s personal website, hope the Internet hit a myth place to have a own a place to live in. For this unknown, hard work. That makes our Internet so beautiful today. It is also a group of successful people, earth, and it is their brilliance and dazzling, so that later people are constantly eager to itch. Until today, the site is still poor, poor IP. I am also a member of this station, I am also lonely and helpless, backward economy, when can the rapid development again, save these stationmaster?. Heaven want to cry without tears, efforts, the owners of the pay, when can exchange for hard fruit ah!


the night is deep, and I am not sleepy, and sometimes my son is in turmoil. Where is my journey, where is my life?. Fate let you and I together in Admin5, let us together to explore the development of the site, together to witness the charm of the Internet to earn money. The road is very long, if we stick to it, you may persist in the end is victory, I walk on the road, mutual support, mutual help, let us look forward to a better tomorrow, China economic progress, I still believe that the network in advance, and with our wisdom, with our hard sweat, may God save for our sympathy, maybe one day I no longer do not worry about your SITE IP is up or down is much more, because do not fall down and, I have so much income. No longer in order to flow no longer to make money and do standing, and in order to do stand and do the station. The day may come one day.

I firmly believe that the prospects for the Internet are good. We should all walk towards the goal of success. Don’t give up. There are some failures, and there will be successes. A dedication, an honest, life on the road, let us together to find our own which road, which does not return to the webmaster road. Sincerely wish the individual webmaster >!