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Hospital website promotion experience

website promotion SEO, in recent years, fire up. Especially in the medical industry, major hospitals have begun to attach importance to network marketing, and there is a corresponding network technology promotion department to optimize and promote the website of the hospital.

I am in the hospital website promotion, there are more than two months, here I will be on the website promotion of some experience written out, and share with you.

to tell you the truth, the hospital website optimization work is not good, I do now is breast network, you can use Baidu Search related keywords, breast, breast hyperplasia and so on, how do half of the country rankings. In addition the following several are usually large, such as 39 Health Network, comprehensive medical sites such as large. In this way, even if you can do the main keyword up, it is also ranked below, there is no traffic. This will give the website optimization promotion to bring the very big pressure, the difficulty.

so if the hospital website wants to promote and get good traffic, my personal experience is to optimize SEO and other website promotion methods to do together. Only by doing so can the website get better traffic. Simply do something, the effect will not be too good.

first come and talk about optimization and promotion.

website promotion is essential, but also needs total station optimization. If you want to rely solely on optimizing some of the large flow of living keywords, improve ranking, access to traffic, is unlikely. As I just said, big flow, popular keywords have been done to the PPC, even if you optimize up, can bring you the flow is very small. This requires us to focus on the whole optimization, optimization of the main page keywords, column page can also optimize the main keywords, then we must focus on the optimization of the page. Home page optimization, A5 experts have said a lot, and now I’ll talk about the article page optimization skills. The title of each article is best to have a main keyword, and the title of the article is best to be similar to the user search, because your title and the user search the closer, your article ranking is more up front. Then, each article should be properly added keywords, a few can be, and then add a description of the article. In this way, updated every day, every day to do so, and more included, the weight of your web site is also high, the flow of nature will be more. Go on and stick to it. You’ll be able to see the results.

also talk about other website promotion methods.

1, QQ mail bulk. Apply for a lot of QQ number, each QQ number plus N QQ group, plus group has exquisite, plus those with you promotion some related user group. For example, now is the promotion of medical websites, then add life leisure QQ group, and then on the hard work, write QQ mass mail. I think about it, write it well, try to write it well, and let other people be interested in it. Group QQ mail, adhere to do well, do it, a day brings traffic is still impressive.

2, blogging. Apply for blog and write related articles. >