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Discussion on the location and horizontal expansion of music websites

, a friend of mine added me today, QQ, said there was a bottleneck in the development of his music website and had been on the 5000IP for a year without any improvement. Wave no trace, originally also do music website, just sold very early, and now I will briefly talk about the music website positioning and development, hope to help operators music network webmaster.

1 about web design patterns and website access speed.

              as we all know, a good web site does not need how gorgeous, you should pay more attention to the music website is able to complete content fast and convenient in front of friends, people at a glance. I’ve been to a lot of music websites, including two aspects of web design, style and website access speed, to decide whether to become their repeat customers. A website speed intolerable music website is how do online music? So, before the correction of site location and extension sections must solve two problems: first, the web page as text appears to reduce the occurrence rate of the picture. Second, increase the access speed of the entire web page from the program and server.

2 adds votes to the home page and audition page.

                a comprehensive survey of the columns of your music website. As a webmaster, you are facing tens of thousands of net friends visiting websites, and your head needs to be considered and served for you. Only fully understand what users like the web site, what column and do not like what column, will seize the lifeblood of the site, thereby correcting and strengthening columns, get more support from users.

3 TOP function.

              such as the owners in the background can not be observed in the data, can be used in another way, a small column on the home page, which is every day or every week in the website of the best songs, so users no longer struggling to find the song name TOP, achieve hot function, highlight the advantages of web music.

4 about lateral expansion.

                  you don’t think every member is up to listen to songs; I have a group of friends, they are very fond of singing, and very talented. In network centric today, the network is a platform, the platform is a dream, if you can spend some time doing a netizen sing, upload original music platform? This is very good, arouse the enthusiasm of music loving members, each quarter also selected the grass-roots singer award potential.

in the end, we need to