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Baidu has been affected by the black nternet not just a bit

"Baidu is black, look at the news."." This is one of the first words I heard from my colleagues around the class yesterday morning. 12, Baidu domain name analysis suffered hacker tampering, resulting in long access to the Internet has become the most popular news, and even become Google hot list of the most popular search keywords. As the world’s largest Chinese search site, Baidu was greatly affected by the black incident. Although Baidu in the search results and PPC fairness has been controversial, many people criticize Baidu, but had to admit that Baidu is a Internet Co Chinese the most successful, most users understand China, grasp of the Chinese network situation best, localization of the most outstanding company. As a search engine, Baidu is the industry leader in the country, and even Google, the global search engine boss, should make it three points. According to the latest statistics, Baidu’s domestic market share accounted for 63.1, Google accounted for only 33.2, only half of Baidu. Internet users sometimes complain that Baidu search results artificially control injustice, enterprises and webmasters will complain, Baidu algorithm updates frequently, included instability, no money, PPC can not be ranked at the forefront of search. Despite this, Baidu still has its unique characteristics of adapting to the Internet with Chinese characteristics. Baidu has been affected by the Internet, not just a little.

first for Baidu itself, the Internet as "advanced enterprise", the search engine eldest brother, the ten years of development, the number of black encounter is not once two times. The last quite severe attack was just over three years. In 06 years, Baidu was black for half an hour, and this time it was a fault for more than five hours. Baidu not only continued to decline in stock prices, the image and credibility have also been damaged, but also highlights the protection of Baidu security and emergency measures inadequate preparation. And after Baidu was black, the role of the Internet industry in the country, status has also highlighted in just a few hours. In fact, Baidu has infiltrated every detail of Internet users’ network life, affecting every step of the website development plan, although there are many criticisms, but you can not do without it.

first about other search engines, in the domestic, remove Baidu, is Google. Google has been the most difficult in the local Baidu the most threatening opponent, if Google is not always adhere to their own "no evil" business philosophy, and to their own enterprise culture too self, which can not adapt to China special love, perhaps now the boss of Baidu position already sold. The Baidu was hacked, Google’s search traffic surge, Baidu has become the hottest Google keyword the day. Like Bing, YAHOO, Sogou, search and other search engine traffic also has a significant rise, short rise and other search engines can not shake the position of Baidu search, but the fierce competition in the industry, this event if frequent words, there will be a lot of wandering in the multiple search engines were not stable between user firm abandon Baidu and other optional.

Baidu has been hacked and has a deep impact on large, medium and small websites. In addition to its reputation and brand appeal, the portal has a large amount of traffic through search engines