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08 years ‘ll pull you on the pirate ship station

first said that this is a rookie I stick to now think, the principle is also enough to eat with thick skinned, to write down the following words, I still think this is really to do a webmaster, you need to have enough patience, enough ambition, thick skin, thick skin. Don’t bring any bad outcome for you, will only bring you unexpected harvest, even if this is not available, then I advise: go back to prepare for the


is now in the

1, for a novice, hear the individual stationmaster as you see, is not so easy to do, you have to pay the enthusiasm, energy and time, but also a lot of course! If you are a collective, that it can be ignored, after all, unity is power!

2, a mental preparation, then do not rush to engage in the real, there must be a clear and complete way of thinking about what you have to do the site, don’t imitate others, but can take the essence, must have the innovation, that is to say you should see the shortage of others, but also to see the strengths of others; to have the original, you have to consider your own website can give what visitors bring, to know what they need, when you to a proper extent provide what they want, then they will tell you the


3, the domain name space, the choice of procedure, do not have to know that their code, now more free online CMS system, such as easy to move, wind etc. (of course there), they can provide a complete website function, but also through the tutorial are, ask to see more and more training slowly, will improve their ability. To have a good domain name, although the good domain name have few, if money is loose, so people can buy a foster domain, can be a difficult process of eliminating the wait, if money is tight, that is a registered fifty or sixty yuan, or 1 yuan CN meters like me,, name as short as possible, and website content appropriate. Next, want to find a good space to space, good reputation, because your space velocity affects the development at the beginning of your web site, how many are now online blowing their own space, do not know who is the first to the website to see, such as stationmaster net, I want out, so, look at the master recommended space, as long as the function of your site can be used sufficiently, some functions of the rest of the little less money spent in the local


4, what have you, and this is the time to show your enthusiasm and diligence, to discover and integrate with your site resources, not a lot of acquisition, but to find the essence of the content of the original time, can try to be original, play to their strengths, to provide special services, if the reference the resources of others, so don’t try to indicate the source, change the methods come into their own, as well. As long as you are careful and don’t hate people, then as more and more traffic flows, more and more loyal users will come naturally