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For example Baidu alliance process specification

believe that many did Baidu union friends have tasted Baidu union Advertising Commission sweetness, but once you close the account account permissions (title), and strange was closed, is not a small blow to the site operating income. In view of this, I recommend you or by the right way, the solution, the solution to the official course, if it does not have any violations, but not closed, it is that we can not control, can only change the union or other way to make money the website operation.

because I thought that I am innocent is sealed, because many people do not know how to apply for re opened, now I have my website was closed, with the way Baidu is releasing (, given the following tutorial, of course, if you are wrong, can.

According to the specification given by the official

representations (refer to the official, I was in Baidu alliance background of the "advisory" select "apply for releasing – down" are as follows: fill in

========= line =========

(1) banned business type:

network alliance to promote business cooperation

(2) account blocked date: July 18, 2013 (mail is late 18 sent, No. 19 No data, should be number 18 was blocked. I checked check number 19 and found it blocked)

(3) traffic source for cooperative services

business launch site:

The specific page

promotion code: site banner and bottom banner theme promotion banner (960*90), on a wide banner 960 link unit. In addition to all pages on the front page, about 120*270 themes are suspended.

web traffic sources: search engines (Baidu, Sogou, 360 search, Google) accounted for more than 80%. The rest, there are old members return to the majority, the website friend chain, a small amount of direct click link.

(4) banned business data for the first 10 days: closure of business for the "web promotion, please look at the picture" screenshots "ten days before the results of screenshots of.Jpg ten days before

ten days before the effect report screenshot

(5): the Wangmeng website in a month inside Baidu weight decreased and the weight led to the rise of Baidu search traffic has minor changes, but there is no great change and did not find any malicious traffic (see article sixth of the traffic statistics third square section map); click ads on the blocked and >