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Have a bird’s troubles help

2000 the beginning of the first Internet, until this time in 2007 as TWINS A Jiao as silly very naive. Online activity is a global QQ MM, a female friend is addicted to online games. Cannot bear to think of the past…

together by chance, I entered a site construction company to do business. It really has what network. You can also make money. In all of a sudden come. And vigorously studied HTML, DW, PS, ASP want to have their own personal website. The purpose of the site is of course not only to earn money. Hope to reach the achievement of your dreams. In 2008, my first website came out, originally thought just to advertise in several forums, waiting to see the daily calculation of IP. reality and the dream is really a very big gap. Almost a month, every day is just 20 IP. (I think I should spend less time with the promotion of a reason). I was a rookie, from the website now don’t find any help. Is occasionally see stationmaster net article. (corn is stationmaster net buy Oh, the company has sold 80 by my boss raped me). Frustrated, I didn’t, I need help. So I wrote this article. I hope veterans who can give me some promotion and website content need to modify some comments. My site theme is also not, but not so IP, I want to change some content to increase the attractiveness of some kind. Who will teach me, I am indebted forever. My QQ:35134349 site is thank you.