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How to pinpoint your customers with the Taobao index

is now in the conversion rate, the seller said that his conversion rate is good, there are more than 10 percent, the seller said that their conversion rate is not good, very low, very low. And then they are all asking about the great gods they think, let him take a look at the title, take a look at the main picture and see the description.

it seems that those who have done so will have a much better conversion rate of their own shops. This is indeed an important aspect of the promotion of conversion, but more precisely, not the most important aspect.

we’ve also seen a lot of tutorials, teaching you how to do page descriptions, and now out of visual merchandising. Then we follow the main points mentioned by the great gods. However, the effect of feedback is still unchanged. I believe a lot of people have been through this.

what is the reason? Before listening to some of the big YY course, some people say that he often has trouble with their own designers, designers think that doing better, but he will be changed to the designer must he needs.

here comes a very important point, that is, good and good, and the need for problems. Many times, designers are more concerned about the overall picture of harmony and beauty problems, and the operator is considering whether this picture can move the customer’s elements.

pictures that move users are better than pictures that fail to impress users, whether they’re pretty or not. So, here we have to go into the heart of the user. Where your users are, what your users need, and your users want to choose you. These you understand, and the user most concerned about the problems are quickly displayed in front of the user, I believe your conversion rate will immediately increase a lot.

this is we often say that we should stand in the user’s point of view to think, the user would like to think, think of the users think. Everyone knows, but how many people do? Most people are thinking about how to get more traffic, where to find more accurate and cheaper traffic. Even if the flow, your conversion rate can not go up, the unit price is low, the profits can not go, and eventually suffer or their own.

as the seller, we should spend more time to think about our consumers, who he is, where he is now, what he confused now, how to let oneself have other competitors, how to let customers choose their own.

for the general small Taobao sellers, for the above problems, you can simply start to understand.

who are our customers? How do you recommend the Taobao index? How do you use the Taobao index to find your customers?

How to use

, Li Leiting in this competition will not use Taobao to index all the clouds, take the red wine for example

click into market segments.

for red wine, first of all we know, usually sold to >