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Do stand must insist on doing your own brand

do stand for a few years, saying that easy to adhere to, it is really not easy to do…

05 years to start around for blog play silly, think very hanging.06 learning HTML, blog is really think QZONE is a pediatrician, pediatric to polio. So began decided to enter the grassroots webmaster circle.

started the site, always love what make up what, no matter what it is, a hodgepodge. The first time to buy space and domain name, FTP know how to use their own way with his own, had nothing to do with pure HTML " website; " up, plus the BBS directory inside a DVBBS7.1 page, make a call, the call to the forum posts on the front page, feel very magical… Then to know what Dongdong CMS, again with an old tooth out of the program JOEKOE hang up and made a site specific what’s your name, what type, completely forgot, think now is really don’t know what to do in the station.QQ station? Picture station? Or news articles station? What seems to have no specific location, the station is not difficult to do when thinking about ah, so easy to do a Sina. Now think that I know nothing about myself at all times, but I’m arrogant,.

  正式开始有点目标是有一次看百度排行榜的时候看到"迅雷"这个词在百度的排名很高,于是叫一个站长群里的朋友给设计了一个LOGO,再次挂了DVBBS做"迅雷资源站".天天狂发贴,用马甲狂顶贴就是我的一日三餐.终于在有一天,我发现我的论坛里有了AD贴子,全是**贴,我其实很高兴,因为毕竟知道了,自己的网站有人觉得值得在上面发广告了,说明我的网站流量上来了.于是,我再次确立目标,我就做"迅雷",我就要把自己的网站做得有模有样.品牌为"迅雷".那个时候不知道百度K站的规矩,一下子把我注册的米全绑在上面,不出一个月,网站被K,流量为0I P/ day, I give up and don’t do it…

hostel a friend in my persuasion, and I together with the website, because I had some failures, so I asked him to go to CHINAZ to find a source, do what he stood with, I just want to have a companion ah ~ every night a person sitting in beside the computer, very sad!!! He did the station called " prehn ", from sina to find some news added, after a month, Baidu also received more than 1000 page flow, do not know what, I know he COPY at that time, a word has not changed estimate, the ranking came to Baidu after dozens of pages to go, can not flow. "