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A webmaster to do stand sad experience

saw an overdue post yesterday and didn’t know who was up again. It was written down as a return card. Http://

I am a student in the University before did not know about this network, but do not know qq. a second semester began to surf the Internet, and bit deep into the whirlpool of network computer did not have, inextricably bogged down in, go to the computer room of our school, when a child is difficult to machine. So I got up very early in the morning to go to the Internet. I don’t play games, don’t think qq. can’t waste their time and cost, so we intend to use was playing time to learn something. I started the site tour. I remember the first time when a static page to do their own spread to the Internet, the page is very simple, not good-looking but excited for a long time and constantly promote my website to the students, I feel very satisfied (because others are not doing). At the time of application is (like the, It looks ugly now, but every time he sees it back in the free space, it’s nice.

              then for several static stations, have been looking for a free space. Later began to do ASP ", do the problems encountered in the process of dynamic website more, because of their poor foundation, then spent a lot of money to buy. A lot of books, all print code code, once I put all the code of a classmates played, Jingxiaxinlai slowly, feeling a great harvest, I think beginners to see other people’s code is very important, is also a shortcut (Rookie experience). The first message board after the success of too excited for a period of time. But know there are a lot of good code online, know CMS, so it is not to write code, the code of others, instead, sometimes lazy change should not be uploaded, personal feeling station technology is not the most important, users really care about you The content, can meet the needs of users is the hard truth. Before doing a website in order to show off their own, now many people do stand with income, the feeling is not on the website you can also point to income, as a part-time job, although my site is not what income, but I believe that as long as our own efforts, there will be harvest. Stop the process is full of sad, there are a lot of the joy of harvest. This station is the 07 year I do now, every day there are about 500 IP (do is the machinery is relatively unbiased, although many webmaster) than with little, nor you can know a webmaster, but I always think of myself as a webmaster, and is a qualified honest webmaster, never do what is illegal, immoral things, not for those in the short-term interests of cheating. I paid to this station "