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Links exchange notes

exchange Links is a way to exchange website resource sharing, Links can not only share the flow of resources, as well as to improve the site weight method, matters here to talk about the exchange links to pay attention to the.

one, link cheater

There are many

web site management, including the relatively large number of sites, in the exchange time is very sincere, but when you exchange for a period of time, you will find that your website has become a one-way link, the other had put your links removed, some webmaster can exchange with you for a long time to remove, in exchange the new link, a cheat link.

two, spam link

There are many

servers have to plug-in station and station optimization ranking, sometimes to buy your links, hope that the majority of the owners pay attention to, such links should not be placed home, at least not too much, otherwise your website is dangerous, because it is often the object of Baidu station artificial management, when they the station is right down, or pull hair, you stand also may be a key management object.

three and group chain switching


group chain exchange, is a site with your site on the advice, don’t do this, I have just exchanged, then as a problem in the monthly 28 Baidu big update, some to be brushed off, some were downgraded some degree of SEO was home search K off, so if the group chain exchange is still quite dangerous ~~.

four, what kind of link is the most valuable exchange


1 Pr value is 4, his Links is only 20, this value is very high, 2 PR value is 6, but his link is 60, the relative to this site, the exchange of relatively low weight gain. The 1 kind of website most value exchange, similarly when the website external link more than 65, this kind of website suggested not to exchange with this, exchange this kind of link not to have the actual value.

five, pay attention to the source code of links

some Links website to add the nofollow attribute, or dynamic script to, or use JS file link code, this link exchange has no significance, and almost single link, so everyone in the exchange before and after exchange link exchange often look at the source code if you can query to your web site.

six, the PR value of the link website is false

The role of

PR and Google ranking relative to some help, at least that the site has included, how much value?. So when you exchange, you often want PR to be equal, or PR is what you want to exchange. High PR believe that everyone does not reject, but we note, a few are hijacked by for the false high PR value, binding PR website or by some 301 to get a fake Web site, the PR value, by this time they.