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Crossover portal operating from Gaochun old street


recently came to Gaochun old street again, still feel the thick classical atmosphere and different marketing atmosphere here, if the holidays, here is a sea of people. The traditional street of this bustling, so many Internet practitioners have to envy. The old town has heritage and modern prosperity, and now the door apartment layout of local portal visitors scanty contrast, so that the marketing and packaging what difference what, or what they have, what is the significance of the Internet marketing


walked into the street we feel the street has a very strong smell of the ancient, ancient street signs or appearance, on the street still preserved ancient stone house, although we do not know whether the transformation, but at least we feel to a thousand years old, if not see modern people walk through them, really play through feeling. And we will see all the name of street brand goods, there is wine, Chun Xi Gucheng Lake crab, slow out, popular shoes, feather Gong fan, pearl jewelry, Jade Spring stoneware, wok tofu, flavor cakes, Yunxi goose and so on. These goods do not tell us in every hour and moment in the street, and the street shops are generally for building double brick, cornice, brackets, walls and windows, cross Yan Lou complete, unique style, simple and gorgeous, we really feel an ancient tour. This feeling makes the street was very successful, known as the "second Jinling Confucius Temple", "Jinling First Street" said.

, while the current local gateway calls itself "one of the first Portals", only a few people know that even though some know it, very few people visit. So why is this portal so desolate, some people say that the portal is declining, the Internet is growing too fast. Of course, we do not deny the reasons for this, but more reasons should be for us to think deeply, and we should not attribute the reasons for our bad times to the times. Here we will focus on the bustling streets of the Internet to bring those enlightenment.

first of all, cultural heritage, web content determines whether the website is long-term.

a lot of portal not only is not based on the needs of hard, is not built on the cultural heritage, but because of personal interest or temporary interest and instantly create website, the website of the fast, die faster. And the street than is a roadside bazaar, chased one to flee. There is no culture, no culture of the site is fatal, without culture there is no spiritual support, there is no spiritual support, there is no long-term plan. Personally, I think the local gateway must be in line with local reality, which is what most people think can represent the local web site rather than others. And this understanding is based on the understanding of the local culture, on the basis of the current local hard needs, but also visionary innovation. Create a portal to the polymerization of a group of people, a group of both to understand the local culture, but also on the portal of long-term planning and understanding people, and then to explore innovation, after 5 years of development, the formation of the 10 portals will.