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Exploring the Web the value of DY’s personal apps


[kernel prompt] APP is a tool that helps users create personal applications. What’s the value of this DIY personal app?


believe that the use of intelligent machines are used in many Tucao mobile terminal, are also thought to do a APP of their own, but because the majority of people do not have the knowledge and basic programming, so the application of thought also had to give up. And Jane net in March 2013 officially launched a non programming App production tools, web site Jane web app workshop, you can let users in about 10 minutes to make a APP of their own.

users only need to register an account, and then use the system default application icon or upload their own pictures and the first screen can make a simple APP, the system will generate a two-dimensional code and is available for download links (iOS and Android). After that, you only need to use the website’s CMS as the publishing system of application information, and you can change any content in the network into the content source of your APP through the network plug-in of the simplified network. Simple, simple network APP workshop to make products is actually a self media, we can get any information we want to share the release to the APP above, the APP user can browse to the US release of information and comment.


APP works with Jane net ordinary people hope to have their own exclusive application of psychology to a certain extent, but throughout the Internet "APP generation platform", we can find many similar tools, such as AppMachine, application Park, domestic network security meters, in the ordinary users are not familiar with but has gradually emerged in the field, the rapid production of personalized application tools give users personalized products to, and will gradually become rigid demand


what is the value of Jane net,


the author interviewed CEO Mr. Ding Jun of APP workshop in brief. Here are some of the interview materials.


for Jane, Ding Jun said the original idea was accidental. Because the team done before refers to reading is also a reading product. Therefore, there are many media information software on the mobile phone, such as NetEase reading, Phoenix News, and so on. The software found here is almost 90% identical, but there is a difference in content. And we happen to have this technology, you can use industrialized means to generate native APP, to solve the media, webmasters and some interest groups, bloggers are now transferred to the mobile Internet encountered some problems. So there was the original Jane web, the APP workshop. Ding Jun also recognized