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Masateru soft development trend in the era of nternet

soft text, a familiar, not in the familiar topic, raged for decades. Carrying the countless storms, soft Wen in the eyes of many people mixed, but the network has forty percent of the people in use.

soft text, crazy rampant behind it is its influence, what exactly is soft, soft Wen is what kind of definition, with the rapid development of modern network, soft Wen also constantly improve. The real meaning of soft Wen also is desalt. Many people find our company writing text, will ask such a question: your definition of soft? I give such a clause to the staff: "soft, matter of fact intention is a kind of advertisement, he is the real value of a euphemism used the idea of some products, websites, transmission shop, activities and so on, let more people have a new understanding of the product, website. He needs us to fully grasp the characteristics of the product, in order to show the charm of the product. In order to get more people’s sympathy and recognition."

however, the soft language in the network raged for decades, we have molded him one after another image. But in today there are two kinds of mainstream soft words – Webmaster soft words and substance, meaning soft wen.

in the soft: in particular, a new station, need to promote to increase their own traffic and popularity, there are many promotion means, but the most practical, in my opinion the best soft figure, the king once said, is a kind of soft, language webmaster must master, in fact, this is not too much.

but in the webmaster’s eyes, there is a substantial meaning of a large part of nearly out of the soft part of the text, in order to improve the weight of their own website, and the website chain, adding a lot of links in the article, in many webmaster eyes, soft text is the value of this link, a lot of people are doing, FIG. Wang long before writing to encourage owners to write text, which also has this one. But valuable soft Wen is very existence, this I do not deny.

substantive soft Wen: he is based on a number of material, and fully display your product and website features, is based on a consensus on the basis of. Attracts you unceasingly to go deep into the research and the understanding. Is a guide and proximity role. You need to take a deep grasp of the product features and some thoughts of Internet users. This is a lot of information on the network, I do not say much about this.

these two types of articles for the network adds a lot of exciting, but also add a lot of problems, in the next article, talk about the two views of modern soft.

is now the two soft, creating several network atmosphere for the modern network: soft Wen useless, good soft nanxian.

soft Wen useless theory: network unceasing rapid development, the website such as after rain spring rain rises. Lead to more webmaster in non-stop use soft text to make links, its value is less and less. Many webmaster feel soft, bring your site traffic, not knowing how much you value? More and more of a trained soft gold > burner