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Masateru his understanding of soft writing

in recent years, according to his business in Hong Yi editor of the company a little experience, talk about their views on the soft text, and share with you. Master please don’t laugh.

The word

has been soft on the Internet madness for decades, the majority of Internet users have been known, more number of people feel tired, or even offensive, after all, is a kind of soft, advertising, is soft, is said to be in the real ones, but not like advertising.

in the past time, I am also soft audience, but different and original feeling is filled with righteous indignation, I now appreciate the soft, mainly is not he brought me much traffic, but because I feel he is a kind of knowledge, a kind of learning, even is a kind of culture or is it art. And I’m here to talk about soft Wen view, is really want to understand from the angle of appreciation, I might as well from the following angles to explain, why, soft Wen is worth admiring.

first of all, soft Wen is soft, but also a kind of advertising, but he is also a kind of art culture. Like the film "" implanted in advertising If You Are The One, far more than those who come naked advertising makes people feel natural, so if the soft article is deceived readers feelings of advertising, then the TV advertising is the rapist.

second, soft is a kind of artistic means of marketing, although the lack of trust in the Chinese market environment, marketing is to treat people derogatory direction to understand, however, marketing people know, marketing behavior is omnipresent. It is a scientific method adopted to achieve its goal. A few years ago, when the soft just appeared soft was quite controversial, but he still created a brand, I want to say is that if you tell the same similar approach can also have the same build your website and products, are you going to adopt it, I think the answer is yes set. After all, this kind of advertising behavior doesn’t go beyond the Chinese traditional moral category. That since soft Wen is a kind of marketing, let us from marketing point of view to

know the soft Wen: the so-called soft Wen, that is disguised advertising behavior, known as soft advertising, also known as the cheapest effective advertising.

soft propaganda ideas: soft, suitable for any website and product advertising, but because soft Wen is mainly the article, so most are in the form of newspapers and network media. Of course, eventually, success is the same, TV advertisements than in melatonin, melatonin advertising, as it is in Shi Yuzhu to the reading of his health and cultural gifts on a soft. But this is my own opinion and may be rejected by many people.

soft in the audience, or specific, called positioning, some marketing experts said, marketing is the main purpose of the location, and the soft advantage is that it can give you a good positioning of the crowd prior to exactly express, put this as the mandatory advertising as random, no point >