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Details determine success or failure Good habits determine good times

Hello, I’m V TAI, this time a bit busy, so I didn’t write some articles, today talk about the details determine success or failure! More exchanges, you can add senior webmaster group (experience) group, 89131685 in the edit network Xintian!

We try to do

webmaster, some comrades even do dozens of websites, and even some 100, I ask, if you stand each update original words, how much is the cycle? At the same time to ensure the quantity can guarantee the quality of the quality of the website? No, who will go to see who will go do the oral propaganda, we figure wangdage super did dozens of websites, don’t you think he is the king of figure NB? Far away.

updated daily high quality content, do not try to capture, although CN domain price increases, but there are a lot of people have been engaged in garbage station, when the garbage to the present users to Baidu search or bone above want something, do not see anything of value, is a title is a a content, some even do not have content, it is purely in order to attract some traffic equipment. If you don’t have the quality, you can pull IP from your website for yourself. Why do we webmaster A5 every day, because A5 above the high quality soft Wen can let us learn a lot of things, so we are willing to come. Which expert says, content is king. Although it’s still a few words, how many of us can really do it,


day timer timely check your server, a stable server is especially important for our webmaster comrades, some of the large size of the company server is stable, but the price is ridiculously high, but the price of some servers at the end of the outrageous, we have long stand out a few thousand dollars on the server so it is very difficult? To find a stable relative to the server, the A5 server on the above advertising part is good, find a stable server must see his configuration, check below IP under the speed of the site is very stable, although the money is not too much, but we want stability, instead of being cheated. The stability of the server for the user, is second or third times the standard, if you stand 10 times in the 4 open, you will lose 70% of the customers, for the website included, when the search engine spider climb you stand out, the server lazy, your weight is reduced, the decline in ranking, the estimated blood pressure also decreased, so buy a server before, is of great importance to understand more about


website timely processing of customer comments and questions, this is one of your customers and in addition to another way to communicate timely communications, timely for customers to deal with some problems for the website is very important in the customer’s impression, such as search engine weight.

wrote so much, tidy up. Details determine success or failure, and do not know which expert said, I feel very reasonable!


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