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Discussion on profit model of tea industry website

first of all, it is worth mentioning that the current domestic tea industry specifically for the WEB platform, whether it is B2B mode of tea industry portal, or B2C mode of tea marketing platform only recently began to rise, there is almost no what can get out decent case, occasionally encountered one or two looks a bit look, not because the platform itself is profitable, but with the help of third party capital to maintain, or with tea related institutions and units of capital. B2B model of industry portal, it seems that the business model seems very mature, but simply rely on the site, the current resources of almost no profit. The B2C model is more needless to say, the tea industry familiar people know, because of the particularity of the tea industry, the direct road is more difficult for the. Why is the same operation mode is copied to the tea industry on a dead end? We have the following specific current profit model and operation process of the two kinds of common platform problems encountered are discussed:

one, B2B mode industry portal

currently existing tea industry portal B2B looks very much, but the Department are the other B2B website business model copy, copy after the profit pattern is about two part of advertising and membership fee income.

1, advertising revenue

advertising this part of needless to say, to promote the flow, and brand up, and naturally have income, and many parts of this site are doing very well.

2, toll member

as a B2B industry portal, advertising is not the main income, in the entire income structure, the income of the toll members should be the most important. A lot of tea industry portal is not profitable, because it did not do this part of the work.

then charges for this member, what should we do? First, I think we should be accurate positioning of our target customer groups: tea factory, tea dealer, provider of raw materials and the surrounding service industry. Secondly, from the product, is the service we provide to our customers make a fuss on, for different types of customers, providing personalized service, so that it can also enjoy the service benefits, this is very important, if you do not, even if this is the first year I through the telephone marketing or advertising success to a flicker number of membership fees, it may be second years in the customer for the rate on the form we could only draw a duck’s egg. Finally, the value-added services of the website. For example, do not regularly to make a phone call, give a small advertising to customers and so on, the way we think, in this way, even if the customer purchased the product after it is not worthwhile, we can through the late service to slowly change their ideas.

two, B2C tea direct marketing website

this is more than a year ago, due to the continued depreciation of the dollar, making tea export business is more and more difficult to do, and many of the original export enterprises are not