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Adhere to the content is king the chain is emperor let my website rebirth

"content is king, the chain for the emperor" has always been a webmaster hanging on the mouth of a famous saying". I believe many webmaster have been using this "famous saying" as the standard to do the station. Many webmaster friends have already understood this point, and I must have paid no attention to my topic. Indeed, this article belongs to the old saying again, the idea is not new, if you are an old webmaster, please do not look down. But if you are a new webmaster, even if you have heard and I said "content is king, the chain for emperor" this sentence, but you may experience this sentence is not deep, or you of this sentence is not enough attention, trouble you look down. The following will focus on the maintenance of the "China Construction Machinery Network" practice, I realize the "content is king, the chain is the emperor" this sentence importance.

in March this year, my website "China Construction Machinery Network" on the line. The first more than 20 days, every day I updated the original or false original articles and add the chain, only twenty days, Baidu has included me more than 1000 pages, even more gratifying is that the popular keyword "the industry of construction machinery" I only took 35 days to do the Baidu ninth (Engineering Machinery Industry! Site, more than 20, with mechanical enterprise station, the number of countless), every day from Baidu search volume over, has reached 300 IP, Baidu search volume every day over 3 times GG. You know, just do a website thirty days, in such a competitive keywords, row to the first page, I had the happiness, not to mention! I thought the original Baidu keyword ranking is not difficult! After I collected some dizzy with success, mechanical maintenance, bidding information. Who knows, Baidu punishment immediately as scheduled to second days, key words immediately fell to the third page; third days, has dropped to 200 outside! Baidu snapshot also back to half a month ago. I realized that my website was put into a "sandbox" Baidu! From Baidu search volume over 300 from the original IP, leaving only the poor less than 10 IP, all the long tail keywords flow, not only can! Is that Baidu did not K my station, I have


this time, I was in violation of the "content is king" principle, make Baidu "to prevent the emergence of a large number of duplicate content search in the database of taboo.

in order to save my site, I every day in A5 diving, read many articles on how to let Baidu restore the weights of the website, said A5 seriously understand the "content is king, the chain for the emperor, and the connotation of" implementation.

so, I calm down, every day to update a few pseudo original, or even original article. And at the same time, to customers posted information on the site, adhere to the audit system, the "product introduction" information filled in the same, insist on refusing to pass the audit. Because many businesses issue N supply and demand information, each product releases a supply and demand information, and the product profile