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Frontline micro Business Review Micro store Tencent Ali product of competition

asked "what is the most micro business" are already in action on a step behind, derivative and the bulkhead has been on their way and seldom stop to think what to do in the. Billion state power network recommend this article to today, is thinking of a type of micro business practitioners ask.

Jie Ge, micro business entrepreneurs, currently established independent women’s brand Ladymellow, sales channels rely on WeChat – is the end, is the circle of friends scraper. In April this year, Ladymellow water reached 800 thousand yuan, and in May it reached 1 million 400 thousand yuan. Instead of promoting overnight wealth or exaggerating the value of micro agents, let’s take a look at how the cool micro businessman is dismantling its industry.


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asked some of my friends, "I don’t want to update the public numbers. Let me explain.". One is too busy because of the reasons, and in their business on this road is also feeling the stones, and thought like a layman in unfamiliar areas at the painting, rather than shut down to dry. I’m here each stage to make a summary, also can put some of their own experience with the idea of a detour to exchange with you, isn’t it a pleasure to


, I didn’t tell you what I was doing, and here’s what to do. Our team of eight people, do is the independent brand of clothing, not the store, only online (Wei Xinduan), May 140W, April to 80W month growth of 75%, is still a period of rapid growth. I also saw some opportunity to air as well as its limitation, the bottleneck prediction is also coming, is not accounted for in this space, but also not in detail. In the following, I mainly want to continue to talk with you "micro quotient", with my half a year of understanding, say, "micro quotient" is a god horse ghost,

!Some people say that

derivative is open micro shop, it is said to be friends with someone that is scraper sellers, social economy, some people say is to do O2O. What exactly is a micro quotient? Is it really important? Just as many Western philosophers have been pursuing the meaning of life, a lot of people are very pessimistic because they think too deeply and live a pessimistic life. So, we don’t tube it black or white, can live a good, if it’s not


1. micro store

When it comes to micro shops,

must talk about "centering" and "going to the center."". "Go to the center" recently fired very fire, there is praise white crow said a word, "micro shop", the main thing is to help sellers out of the central flow of poison trap." There is actually no flow can do business good? Engaged in electronic business people know, so traffic is king, all at once, the great spirit godling are poured into the micro shop like a swarm of bees. The results, really do not have traffic? I did a rigorous one hundred small business survey results, there are 95% people think they lack most now is how to add accurate friends. White crow actually >