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Don’t leave out the new cattle in the community

Some people see the

community, some people keep abreast of many replies, rarely, this is mostly due to people familiar with the reason.

, but a mature community should pay more attention to new people’s article, to call new arrival of cattle, have a feeling of intimacy, home feeling.

I love with new expert posts, also love with posts less posts, just because the expert community, always carefully on their own articles will see very important (and I got the feeling, for the community) fine, recommended, top watch is also very important, because they do not know how in the forum, always trying to get the evaluation. And always want to integrate into a new group as soon as possible. A long time, familiar with the community, do not care about anything. If the new article written by no one to appreciate, always feel a failure, or feel that their articles do not adapt to the hair in this community, so they will re search for their own community.

to follow a bad mood in the expert, not necessarily all praise, praise, easy content, sometimes reflect a state of mind, a melancholy silk, a helpless, a vent, often written, or incoherent uncharacteristically, although that article looks very awkward, even give a person a kind of depression but, we can give some comfort, to keep abreast of encouragement, give some humor, make people happy.

is a new expert back, two back, three back to the new people’s cows, but also learn to expert research, give people the cow keep abreast, can earn experience. For the familiar expert to keep abreast of replies otherwise prone to misunderstanding.

does not adapt to this page feel very naive articles, or contrary to public customs articles, can be left out of the cold, so that writers do not feel suitable for this page.

if the replies gentie, are very rich and lively, and the new expert articles there, keep abreast of replies rarely, mutual coordination, either to the layout or give users are easy to get embarrassed. Some people will ask, tired, not tired, tired point, and now that everyone is happy, the environment will be good.

if you are in the community old people, so that out of your strong hand, or is gentle and delicate hands, more than a few times a keyboard, a lot of care expert, a lot of sympathy mood not good expert, take care of a lot of new to the expert.

offers some community experience from my cow and community