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A brief talk on the rise of magic websites after the Spring Festival Gala

09 year Spring Festival gala for 8 minutes magic magic show Louis Liu overnight popular, after the Spring Festival evening after a few months of baptism, magic sites are also popular, the rise of a web site, each has its own reasons. Based on the circumstances and the object of service is different.

China is one of the birthplace of magic, but in the past hundred years, the magic has been stagnant; after the founding of new China natural magic not a thousand things wait to be done, schedule; ten years of catastrophe, magic is doomed; from the late 80s to late 90s, magic in China suddenly "disappeared". American magician David · Copperfield came to China to perform; a powerful "David tornado" was launched in Chinese magic circles; the whirlwind blew China’s magic circles into a wake.

in the past, very few domestic magic lovers know Louis Liu this person, and most people like to watch David’s stage magic, and collect all kinds of crack information. In fact, this shows that most people in the country are looking for magic in order to crack the magic, not for entertainment. But the magic enthusiasts, there is no part of abide by the rule of magic, the magic secret, seems difficult, or is not suitable for yourself, or just want to know the secret behind the operation. Then, when they saw the magic show, they could not wait to speak their magic skills to others to show their prominence. A lot of domestic entry magic lovers are like this, the beginning is very enthusiastic, said he likes magic, but actually like to know the secret of magic. So, it can be concluded that many domestic people are just magic outsiders.

Liu boss on the 2009 Spring Festival Gala, performing a close-up magic, so that more people know, magic, close distance performances can be so magical. Let more people guess, so easy to show the environment, if I would, that show to others, then I have more power and prestige! So in after the performances, tens of thousands of discussion of Louis Liu magic words began to appear on the internet. There are more and more magic websites, such as,, and so on.

in so many "entry-level" magic lovers mouth, endless spit all kinds of magic secrets. But sometimes it’s no wonder that some of our old timers are so soft hearted that they can’t stand the soft foam of the novices, and they tell the secret. (not me Oh, ha ha!)! Louis Liu’s close shot magic appeared, and more people realized that close range magic can be so fun. But there are more people who will only discuss magic, but only to discuss secrets. If this trend continues, I think the future of China’s magic is really not optimistic.

finally say: magic is not a disdain for others in the capital, the magic is to bring laughter to