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Excellent website case from 2012 to see the five main trends of website experience

translator: throw a brick into a trend. This article refines the comparison incisive, lets the human to read not to feel that "is really such."". Compared with many other dozens, with the trend of general and speak generally article, is fine oh. In addition, there are many excellent website cases, it is also worth learning.

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in 2012, the continuous development of user interface technology, often effectively blurred the boundaries between design, usability and technology, thus providing users with a high usability and pleasant comprehensive experience. For example, infinite scrolling is a technique that allows users to have more uninterrupted continuous experience. Similarly, advances in web publishing are not only visual, but also more clearly conveyed.

1. single page website


single page websites can be seen everywhere. Large background pictures, rich illustrations and animation techniques are often used to tell stories, entertain people, and express clear and clear messages. Out of the limitations of traditional website architecture, this creative, visual, single page website is booming. Jess, and, Russ, and Ben the Bodyguard are my favorite two single page websites (see more excellent cases, please click here). The new trend, whether appropriate or not, will be imitated. This can easily lead to homogenization of the site style, and in some cases make the experience worse. Of course, if used properly, a single page site will be a good choice.

2. unlimited scroll


users should already be familiar with unlimited scrolling, and perhaps they don’t even know it. Unlimited show is very suitable for real-time delivery and time aligned information scattered, very good, like Google images or Pinterest which contains a lot of pictures of the site using this technology, but carefully to avoid the user frustration is very important. Lookbook is also a good example of unlimited scrolling through floating wireless scroll bars and combining a "back to top" button that allows users to browse continuously and find other parts easily. The infinite scroll is not a so we need to consider a sure card, you can use the full. In fact, page numbering is probably the best choice for search results, long lists, and e-commerce.

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