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Adsense business chose the most strange game cheats

read a lot about SEO after the Internet interest I also began planning to build their own station, with my curiosity I chose the keywords of their most strange "game" website. The one I according to their own ideas to the site of the TITEL tags and META tags to fill the whole start, but one of my colleagues is a professional SEO, he told me how to write TITEL tags and META tags at the same time, let me refer to his website keywords there need to pay attention to the density of those, so I began to look at the other game station, and make a change, then I feel like I think that SEO not so simple, it needs to pay attention to the details too much……

followed by the interface adjustments and column set of keywords, know the column once the set is not back changed, with the classification column really gives me a headache for a while, because I never play the game, the most simple stand-alone game never, never to touch it, it all I have to make this station is bad. I saw other people’s station, but still do not understand, so I asked for more of my classmates to play the game, but also checked a lot of relevant information, and finally confirmed.


added section of the information and make me a headache, I added many game sites in their own home computer IE, portal also has a personal website, and the nature of the forum, a person when they have one open bite the bullet and look at the so-called game cheats. But I still insist on down, just do a few days every day in Baidu and GOOGLE site:, I found the GOOGLE slowly began to accept it, dozens to hundreds of articles, but Baidu has not accepted it, I went to ask one of my colleagues, I was not there to do the station how Baidu is not in place, so don’t give me face, he told me to go to Baidu Post Bar and know add some articles, so wait until late May my station was included in Baidu. Wait until I was in Baidu enter the word "game" and I can see it in the home, but GOOGLE has not at home to my place, but I know that is your chain do not in place.

and let me always headache is: my site’s IP traffic has not been up, depressed, up to now, did not go up!

!I saw her standing PR rose to 3 when the

until the day before yesterday, I felt what I do this station is still a little harvest, hey! You must be free to see my game station, the website is, more suggestions, in this small woman waiting for