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Let foreigners also visit your website

writes an article for a magazine because it searches data and uses Alexa to analyze many websites. In addition to writing the article, there are other things that I have learned, such as the article I’m going to write. You should know more about what I’m going to say from the article.

according to my data, many websites, apart from domestic visitors, also have a lot of traffic from abroad. These websites which are visited by foreigners can be divided into three kinds. The first kind is the news website. People want to know what happens in China every day. The second category is the life class website, such as the delicacy’s website, a website of foreign delicacy flow, foreigners steal our Chinese cuisine! The third is to do some products or tools like domestic and some foreign language website, Niubi IT people always love the use and presentation of some websites of foreign products and tools the same, with no boundaries, the foreigner also love to Chinese Internet to Amoy things. For example, I often mention and use, I pull banner production, there are quite a number of foreigners use. From this thing, I should give my net CEO Cai Liwen suggested, let him find someone to write the article I banner production function English net promotion articles posted to the website, those overseas, ensure to attract foreign users more.

"let foreigners also visit your web site" is actually just a saying. For most websites, it is impossible for us to do special websites for foreigners. But even if foreigners visit your website and even foreigners use your tools, at least it shows that your work value is widely recognized.

in addition, the domestic Internet companies should reflect on why Google, Yahoo, Myspace and Facebook will come to our Chinese Internet kaijiangtuotu, why the domestic Internet entrepreneurs from the United States the concept of the Internet itself, even flies like crazy imitation or copy all. The domestic Internet companies, why only Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent and other three overseas, and they just take a small step, in Japan, India and other such away from the door near the place of staking, rather than to the European market to flicker. Maybe someone will give it to more than a dozen overseas online games, please allow me to express my prejudice, I don’t think that online games business success is representative of the Internet, a three years people will be tired of the game does not fundamentally conquer foreigners culture, thoughts and values, ten paragraph one hundred.

, "let foreigners also visit your website", change this view another saying is, you want to do valuable website. If your website is really valuable, it’s bound to grow. Maybe someday you’ll go overseas. On the other hand, your website, what you do, if not worth it, even if you are lucky enough to get VC’s money, it’s not too bad.