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Let DMOZ included very simple you can also

actually, in the beginning, I always thought it was very demanding. After all, it was DMOZ. Because of that, I always held an awe inspiring attitude towards Dmoz.

when editors open their applications, more and more people think it’s the most important thing, even luck, to have a relationship with an editor.

actually I think: first, your site must have a certain amount of access and history, this is for sure. If your domain name or station has no historical accumulation, then I suggest you still do your own station first. Collection station is not necessary. Second, your site must have the individuality, the mirror site is certainly not, third, choose your site for the classification of competition and accuracy, fourth, if you apply for the time is the peak of editing others is also very tired, or that are not always repeat submit similar sites.

you catch the most critical, in fact, not necessarily tens of thousands of days, IP, you can do the same.

, my site,

then tell me how my site submitted DMOZ:

1., I made it on Wednesday afternoon, so I need to pay attention to jet lag abroad.

2., I wrote a description of the time, I am very focused on writing the location of the site, in the vertical field of stock, now registered volume has reached 220 thousand.

3., my page almost no chain, no advertising.

4., my ranking has been rising recently.

so soon to be included, of course, is not what DMOZ included very proud thing, in fact, did not change much, especially for memory, this is not information website, the search engine is not the most important.

, I write a little saliva, is to tell those novices, want to be DMOZ included friends, master can close your eyes!