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ndependent blog operators to novice webmaster six suggestions

SEO I have been 2 years old, you also have a SEO blog, although I blog is also used a lot of toss, do some Taobao blog guest website, so for the blog also know a little, idle is idle, write it out, if can help some students but it is the best no; but it is golden laws and precious rules, in fact, the most important thing is not the wise remark of an experienced person, what these tips, or is to adhere to, persevere always rewarding.

1, content is king: useful or interesting or unique.

I can’t think of what else is loved by the masses, of course, there are exceptions, you are as famous as Xu Jinglei, just a yawn has tens of thousands of people relish, or you look really beautiful gorgeous beauty, but a few of the photos posted their own cloth every day. The original content of frequent updates is the best, you will not, but also need to spend a lot of time in the organization of the content; on an independent blog, if from the start of his position and direction is determined, it will save a lot of time and effort on.

there are a lot of so-called original blog, write some rather baffling food every day or is reported that love their own lives, three melon two jujubes bits and pieces of broken things, is really not what people are interested. Don’t say what blog only to record their life like crap, there are a variety of powerful, beautiful interface of the electronic diary, since the blog on only need to enter a network address to the interview, you are looking forward to the crowd. Of course, this does not rule out or broken things, emotional blog, so you can not set, the following content also can not be ignored, but I believe this blog should not.

2, home page will directly affect the viewer’s perception.

No matter what kind of choice

procedures to set up their own blog, blog content and select a consistent theme is to pay attention to things, the most important first impression among people, and so is the blog. A colorful and well arranged theme will give viewers a happy mood while reading. The idea of pursuing individuality is correct, but at the same time it may be objectionable by some browsers, so be careful.

3, carefully set up site instructions and keywords.

This is a

page code head content in "title" and "description" and "Keywords" content, most of the visitors are through various search engines, which makes search engine positioning your blog, especially when the set of keywords, not greedy corrupt, it is more important considering the actual situation of their own, find someone with not much but most can be summed up in his blog content, vocabulary is the most ideal state.

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