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Brief analysis operation method of industry B2B website

in an article on "market segments: webmaster entrepreneurial spring", said I will share a story about the industry website operation articles for everyone, because the author is a layman, busy living, did not have time to share with you, I’m sorry, today we cast a brick to attract jade.

, first of all, a cursory review of the industry’s B2B web site preparation:

1, industry selection positioning, including keyword selection,


2, domain name, website name, etc.;

3, website production, we can use destoon to do, worry free upload that is used, will not do template to Taobao to sell a beautiful "destoon template" installation can be, the general sale templates are to help install.

ready, let’s get down to work.

1. The integrity of the site: check the integrity of the site.

preferred check page is complete, the home page for the site of the face, not only beautiful but also complete, incomplete place completion. Supply column products can go to Alibaba to find some fill home page, but must be true. Buy products similarly, remember that must be true! Home page processing, it is necessary to organize the inner pages, the same.

two, optimize website ranking.

optimizes the keywords that we make. The first is the filling, must have regular add the content, not the content of the article is empty, is also the search engines don’t love included, the best is the original article, if not all original, also have a certain proportion of other using pseudo original.

at the same time fill in the article, do not forget to submit to major search engines, mainly Baidu, Google does not matter, generally included automatically.

through our efforts for some time, Baidu included, snapshot is normal, insert a sentence: to A5 contribution to improve, included soon. We’re going to start a friendship link. Insist on looking for friends every day chain, this need to implement the strength, new sites are generally not easy to find friends chain, so I put this period of time after the snapshot normal.

three, looking for customer source

in a period of efforts, we are everything except only to customers. Well, where do we find customers? First of all, we think of Alibaba. Take a week to sort out all the industry information related to the Alibaba and send regular mail and text messages.

join the industry related QQ group, more exchanges, less advertising, product enterprises QQ plus their friends, friends reached a certain amount of their own new QQ group, a one-time they join the group. This will allow you to have some stable users.

four, resource integration,

in every industry, >