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How to choose the website optimization service provider

yesterday I went to an old customer for the Baidu ppc. Because it is an old customer, so it is convenient to communicate. They are a company that sells airline tickets. In Nanjing, it’s actually a branch office. Based in Hangzhou. The manager of their Nanjing division told me that the website of their headquarters recently made web site optimization, but he didn’t know what website optimization was, or did I tell him?. What he said really surprised me in our conversation. Hangzhou has a company (I don’t know is the company or individual) for their headquarters site optimization, no matter what keywords, or how many keywords to ensure the first row of Baidu home page five. Key words: special fares, air tickets, air tickets, etc., I will not give examples. Is such a sentence, I have been stupefied for a long time. There’s more to the back. Their fees are even website revision and keyword optimization, only 2000 yuan a year less. I am dizzy, what is this? So I asked the manager, what is the website optimization, optimization and Baidu competitive ranking difference is what, poor he does not know. The person in charge of signing the contract, including their headquarters, did not know. I can only smile a bitter smile. And then I spoke to him. "You were all fooled out of ten." what else can I say,

?How messy is the

SEO market?. Probably nobody will say anything specific. But this phenomenon is indeed widespread, and now many companies do website optimization, of course, this is a good thing, but also can increase the company’s business volume. But we should pay attention to a way, not to increase the company’s revenue and performance and distort the SEO market. Some network company sales staff in order to run the market and improve their performance. I can say that as long as the customer puts forward what kind of request, he dare to promise, he says can do. To put it bluntly, he may not even know what SEO and optimization are. Anyway, he does not do the technology, alas, bitter technical staff oh.

really do website optimization company or individual, they will not like this. Next, I’ll show you how to choose a comparison website to optimize companies and individuals. So, in the face of every hue uneven in quality "SEO experts", hope that the implementation of site optimization enterprise how to choose and judge? According to my experience, especially in the prompt business and SEO services communication, when dealing with is the following:


have an effect guarantee for you,


no one can guarantee the ranking results of the search engine’s natural search results. Those who guarantee you the effect are just staring at your pocketbook. The more you guarantee, the more careful you are, the more careful you are.


tell you the optimization method you have adopted

search engine optimization although very professional, but the principle is just conform to adjust and modify the search engine friendly to the site through the structure, content, layout, internal and external links, SEO neither secret nor too profound to be understood at all, what the arena "tips", regular service providers should not only for the customer "