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Do stand two and a half months experience

from April 5th to today, my little net is almost two months old. AD must, huh?. Why AD, of course, less traffic, and now IP more than 100 per day, PV no more than two hundred. Because most of the content by collection, so was K, last month was also Google show malicious code, but this month I finally clean up. Put Ali’s mother, why not do GG, because GG Shen can not come down, depressed. Ali is now one or two points a day, is still normal, although the advertising position is small, but the position can barely, as income do not mention, Ali’s eight points 10 Fen do not have to forget.

well, let’s talk about it:

one, select the space domain name, anyway, are spending money, then do not covet those dozens of small pieces of cheap.

two, select the program, I use SS, not suitable for me such a novice, ha ha, Italy or new, do not use, too much trouble.

three, do good links

four, it is better not to collect, although manual tired, but you can update less points. The effect should be good, note: I usually rarely manual updates, so I was K, included is also very poor.

five, we must grasp the key words, this is our personal webmaster source of life.

six, stick to it, it’s important. Last month, Baidu K, Google also prompted malicious software, so that almost no one came to my station. It’s really a bit gray, but I’m still holding on. Although After rain the sky looks blue. this month, traffic is not high, but Baidu again included, Google also has my innocence. I believe that as long as I stick to it, my station will be able to have a daily visit of thousands of IP without one year. Ha ha, for an amateur webmaster, so I am satisfied.

finally, I wish you all the same amateur station owners, happy life, successful work, IP, PV every day.

ha ha, remember little brother’s station.

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