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Godaddy English space has been sealed by copyright issues

gets up in the morning, receives the post, is stopped, goes to the mailbox, notices the mail,.

made a simple reply.

received the Godaddy Copyright Office at night. Reply:

Dear *,

, Thank, you, for, response, to, Copyright, Department., In, order, to, reactivate, site, in, question, we, the, will, need, you, to, provide,, the, following,, information, in, the, a, your, single, email, response:

, A., An, electronic, signature. (This, can, be, a, scanned, copy, of, your, physical, signature, or, as,

, simple, as, typing, name., your, full, etc)

, B., Identification, of, the, material, in, question.

, C., A, statement, under, penalty, of, perjury, that, the, material, has, either, been,, removed, or, will, removed.

, promptly, be

, Once, we, receive, this, we, will, be, information, more, than, willing,, to, reactivate, your, website.

, Regards,

Copyright Department

according to his letter, I rewrote one more note:

, Dear, Sir,

1., Mr, *****

2., Through, the, contacts, mailbox, our, site, I, have, handled, a, few, similar, problems, Usually, after, receiving,, this, type, within, complaints., A>