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An old webmaster and network marketing trainer optimistic about the ten directions

From 2002

in the Internet has not had a one hundred site program, website platform account for about one thousand, tested at least thousands of computer software, the system is almost every month a redo reduction. In the early 08 Yang Tao in the guest network marketing institute to do network marketing training, the development of the "real" Internet marketing materials about the network integrated marketing real twenty, subdivision is ten, divided nearly thirty type. My research direction is also experienced, from less to more, and then from many to special and refined process, but also from their own and a large number of trainees in the actual view of the following ten directions.


1, site procedures

finally decided to WordPress, it is the world’s largest CMS system, and for individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises, are very good for personal blog and business or product station station, online templates and plug-in is extremely rich.

2, SEO

website itself optimization, mainly depends on the content and its chain, mainly focus on the soft writing and its external links promotion.

3, SEM

Baidu is the entrance of promotion, especially commercial products still need to compete in Baidu, Google bid out of China, the bidding flow is very small, mainly to its network alliance.

4, micro-blog

has been pushing for about five years since the author 2007, and has always stressed that micro-blog is one of the most influential internet platforms in China since the birth of the internet.

5, blog

Although micro-blog

heats up, the blog is not particularly hot, also some blogs with light blogging, but the promotion enterprise or the product or service to a long, blog is the best platform, after all not all content within 140 words can be said clearly.

6, QQ

QQ is the largest user platform, around which a series of products, WeChat and new, instant messaging service for marketing it is the preferred platform for the promotion of the effect of the user it is very good.

7, mail marketing,

membership marketing best platform, I study the email marketing five or six years slightly small, according to a survey by the EDM online shopping mall related with the order price is the highest, of course, is the member of permission marketing, not junk message, the author Yang Tao is according to the research status quo of the domestic intermediate between licensing and garbage mass model.

8, ebook marketing,

with the development of mobile Internet, this will be more popular, Yang Tao wrote "network promotion original collection" and "network marketing art of war" on the Internet, there are one hundred thousand of the <

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