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Local decoration website O2O era operation practice book two

on a local decoration site O20 era business real book (a) get a lot of people support, there are a lot of buddy with road warrior QQ, asked me more operating experience, buddies from the questions that people attach great importance to QQ marketing, so today to share with you QQ the use of marketing in local site and decoration techniques.

search QQ group, add

QQ marketing for local decoration site is very practical, many webmaster are in use. Local decorate website service to people is relatively narrow, it is industry personnel (decoration companies, building materials businesses and workers, two Foreman) is going to decorate the house owner.


so, first lock these people where the QQ group, QQ group in search of "place name +" decoration "name + decoration" to find the local related QQ group, plus some residential owners group is also very necessary, search for "community name" can be found in this group.

maintenance relations, marketing "activities",

many people join the QQ group, will be eager to send all kinds of ads, links, etc., I do not agree with this. After I entered the group first proposed with the main group or administrator to greet, mix a familiar face. If the quality of this group is particularly high (especially owners group), group owners and administrators please eat a meal, we become friends, is the so-called "but false, false is false". Do a good job of relations, and then do what marketing, the other side will turn a blind eye.

QQ group marketing is a relationship marketing, and groups of friends do a good job relations, in order to effectively turn them into web users.

in doing marketing, do not often send some empty content, to be more and decoration related practical value of the article, but I prefer to send some promotional activities, group buying activities. In short, what users need, what we send, everything to service users as the highest standard.


For example, some time ago the new Huangdao

network ( online made a seal the balcony of the group purchase activities, a week online registration of more than 20 owners, mostly through the QQ marketing to customers and owners of the QQ group. The effect is obvious, the price is very high,


thank you for your support,


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