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How can the local classified information network in the year of the tiger tiger

time is very fast, as it was in 2010, this year is the year of the tiger, is my year of fate. It’s also my key year, because I’m going out of school and entering society. Hope this year, can get good exercise, a little into.

what I do is the local classified information website, which is called Taizhou information network. Although the website also has many functions, it is similar to the local portal website. However, with the relevant departments of the state crackdown on websites, I temporarily closed the forum, and the rest is mainly classified information. Because the forums don’t have much energy to do now, although there are lots of ideas. But consider, or cut down some of the current lack of energy to do the forum.

local classification information website for grassroots Adsense, really hard to do big. And how can I make money?.

for no funds and contacts and other favorable resources for the webmaster, it is difficult to do information network, I also know the webmaster site, gradually learned the SEO, promotion, etc.. The site has improved.

for classified information network, as comprehensive speaking, I’m afraid less than the local portal site, generally a place, there are always one or two relatively strong portal, information port and the like, big name, old qualifications. In an industry, talent has a special talent website. So they don’t do it.

and sites such as classified information networks, where some new sites always emerge from time to time. I just don’t know what their fate will be like, but I’m not afraid of that, because I’ve got the hang of it, and I’m sure they’re not easy to pass me in a short time.

therefore, I think we can start from a relatively weak part of the others, the score from the rental shops, such as a block of content, focusing on, to make a reputation. Only focus on the content of a subdivision, long-term, so that they become professional in this area.

my station has experienced many twists and turns, from PR5 down to 0, and from 0 to 5, the site from the high weight, to shut down for more than a month, and then can re open, and gradually restore the weight, traffic and so on. Encountered hundreds of thousands of garbage information, encountered Baidu 11 phenomenon, modify the title of the website was down right, and so on.

now occasionally sell links (do), rarely go to pull advertising, will not pull (this year to take exercise), but still think of ways to make a big website advertising would do better to sound.

said that the drag in all sorts of irrelevant matters, because now he did not understand the whole, how to put the site. Welcome to communicate, my QQ330861907


Taizhou information network webmaster Adsense nets first.