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Meticulous organization innovation so that our website to a higher level

In the information age of

, everything changes very quickly. Most of the webmaster can feel it, and many of them don’t have any warning. Search engine algorithm changes, included in the reduction, ranking lower, and so on, we are not conducive to the construction of Adsense site burst out. As a warning for the future, today time to summarize the recent shift to do.

1. Careful selection of space providers and website programs

Taking the

website a lot, site procedures provide a lot, in such a mixture of fish beads in the network world, we must keep their eyes open, the space provider selection authority, qualified, good service, good reputation. As a small webmaster, we are vulnerable groups, we have started is not very good, so that we should carefully select the web storage platform, it’s like seed selection of soil, soil quality is not good, the good seed can’t grow up.

for web site procedures, if there is energy, strength, time webmaster or team, their own development is the best, if not, we have to choose time for a long time, after a lot of webmaster test site procedures. The forum chooses phpwind, discuz, CMS, selects PHPCMS, DEDECMS and so on. Of course, if we make a profit, we also want to return to these program developers and buy their official licenses. Tu when yongquan.

two, should pay attention to the location of the site group

at the right time, at this stage do portals have apparently impossible, the site to the direction of development of the vertical and local development. Therefore, the positioning of user groups and the user industry has more advantages, the chances of success are greater, of course, the competition is relatively small. The Jincheng forum and the Hefei hotline are examples of successful local websites. Believe that soon, more local and industry websites will emerge.

three, should pay attention to the content of the site audit,

website Web2.0 era, more increased website and user interaction, now not only for users to send information, but also to encourage them to send more information. Therefore, the problem comes out, we harvest content at the same time, some unhealthy and even illegal information will be mixed together, which requires us to strengthen the site audit efforts, and strictly exclude these information. Otherwise, not only the website in search engine will make you illegal information station, reduce the weight of your website, seriously will be shut down the website, and even will be called to drink tea, of course, will also harm to space providers. Therefore, the benefit of self-interest, please increase information censorship, timely deletion of illegal content.

four, to increase the content of the original web site

search engine after ten years of development, more and more intelligent, for the correctness of information, authenticity, originality, timeliness has greatly improved. Typical is originality, content grab speed is very fast, especially after Baidu’s Aladdin plan, all sorts of websites, dynamic link content can be grabbed. If you still copy and paste the old routine, it will be eliminated. So encourage >