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A small webmaster in a small website practice understanding

before in the Webmaster Station above also published a few small SEO experience, there are many friends added me, QQ and I exchange a lot of experience, thank you all,


I’m a senior, and I’m working in Hunan mobile phone network. During the internship, I have a lot of ideas. I would like to share with you here. I’m sorry,.


mobile phone network establishment time, I’m not sure, did not carefully say this thing. But the founder, also is the boss, this year is 3 years older than me. You can imagine his age, Hunan mobile phone network traffic specific I do not know. But not exceeding 3000IP a day. A small mobile phone network in Hunan many, perhaps not in the eyes. Oh. I also did not see in the eyes. There should be a lot of people like me, just on a web site traffic. However, this idea is just fall into the cliche, it is wrong to


I do stand, mostly has not insisted, died. Also had 3,4 million IP day of the station, there have been 3,4 thousand days of income, once feel very powerful. But the aeriality things, the pursuit of profits, in my opinion now is a joke you may make your site traffic soared, may make your income soared in a short period of time. However, most of the small and medium-sized webmaster, have you thought about your website life can have long? You are not QQ.COM, nor 163.COM,

they might be able to do 100 years, but how about you? Your heat can have 100 days? I’m not here to fight everyone’s confidence. Indeed, the road network, to allow everyone to make money, but you can change the way? Hunan mobile phone network has provided me with a good the train of thought. First of all, your website traffic is again high, can’t flow into money, it is empty, I said to flow into money can not say what advertising things like that stuff. I did not do. Affect the viewer the impression, not what good things. I say the flow becomes money is a real sense to maximize the conversion. The conversion of Hunan mobile phone network, everyone can see, people who want to buy mobile phone traffic = = = = customer buy mobile phone money. This is very simple and also very difficult. Hunan mobile phone network was purely online. That is to say, people in the network See, then the site under the order, then the payment and delivery. But now, as far as I know. They store revenue should be largely to more than online ordering income! Of course, website or as a very important channel. And the store, are they really the main income. More than 10 stores in Hunan. They are from a purely sales network at first, until now the chain operation. Can not be said to be a very big leap!

I also made a special station, with my work to the iPhone store to practice their sales model