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Discussion on website promotion method


began to write the article, I will give you a statement, I am not what I love the dedication of the people, the purpose of writing this article will eventually promote my website – classic movies, I just took such a long time since I website promotion experience to share, if it is high hand, trouble you to walk around.

a few days ago, I sold my website, do almost half a year’s time, I was reluctant to part with, but for various reasons, I still sell this station.

I am not what master, but I still love lessons, I write out some methods since the first half of this year to promote the site, it is hoped that more new friends not detours, don’t go the wrong way.

1, which is the most stupid method, is also the best way.

website promotion is a necessary step to develop a website, but the premise is that your website has been formed and has the value that can be seen by people. Before popularizing website, should let a website have basic value at least, so can see in popularizing.

2, the promotion method of QQ group guide

many webmaster friends to their website set up a QQ group, this is probably a good idea, but should pay attention to their own methods of guide members to their naturally or half unconsciously related web content in the group’s speech.

3, don’t forget the value of Baidu itself,

most of the webmaster friends or do Baidu optimization and Baidu promotion, so to effectively utilize all kinds of resources such as Baidu, Baidu know, Baidu Post Bar, but it should be noted that, to a degree, as I mentioned in my last article, has a very large station may be in the early promotion has been Baidu "stare" on the.

4, site should also "attentive service"

if your website has membership registration, then congratulations, and you have an opportunity to develop a loyal web browser. Be free, do not have time, write a few short articles, greet and greet members, and ask a lot of suggestions from members. Of course, this is a very boring thing to see if you have the patience to do it seriously.

5, blog group is not feasible,

many promotional friends like to make lots of blogs for themselves, as the source of the chain outside the website. I think it’s a bit of a drudge. I suggest that you do a good job of about three blog, in the more well-known blog, such as Sina, some of the relatively related sites before the establishment of a space can be done in a timely manner, seriously build Bo attitude.

6, this article is brief. See the network of other related promotional articles (a lot, I’m not so. A)

although there are many ways to promote websites, they don’t just grab a road