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Let domain name investment and collect fees commercial platform depreciate

Flexible use of general knowledge and method of use of the

search engine, make information everywhere, general business and commodity information we will publish, in each website free of charge, a message, the same, generally as long as know the tip of the iceberg can search out all his, for example, manufacturers release products procurement charge information, web shield contact, you can rely on what you see in the title or articles in a word or two to search, you can find the company in other sites in the network information of the ocean, in the information you need to always contact, as long as you carefully screening, so that the information mapping exposed charging the business website, the loss of a part of the query should pay membership.


search engine, so that the domain name lost its due role and value before, only to enter the correct domain name can find your site, but now you just enter the feature you want to browse the site on the site so that you choose to do, and general search ranking are well-known sites, to give the for example, if you want to log in, the discovery channel Chinese website, but it is not easy to remember domain name English, incorrect input you can not find, but now as long as you in Baidu search inside the discovery channel you can first place to find it there, I believe that the next time you log on when you are not going to pay attention to the domain name of the website, not to remember it, you will search in Baidu, the attendant is the domain name Chinese devaluation, so a good House number, often some time is useless, and perhaps only as a website self promotion, landing sites for everyone, not much significance. Now look at the price of the WWW. discovery channel.Com,, gDomID=25270