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Analysis of medical web pages

recently, as a result of the need to have some well-known enterprises often logged in to the site, especially the medical website, but each click on a web site will be in the heart of the company’s website to imagine what it would be like, there are definitely some to do good business, but there are some do very disgusting, because the home page on their website, there will always be some dazzling words, or on the floating image to attack their eyesight, or even just click off the bar will enter some related web pages, but also how some customs clearance are not, and so on are countless enterprises. Not only does not make readers satisfied, but on the contrary will make people feel disgusted, seriously affecting the image of the enterprise and publicity.

good website how to do, can give a person a kind of comfortable, to enjoy the feeling of the author, through the research to the medicine web page, find a good website should have at least the following:

1, background color, and overall color settings for the site. The best choice of those who give people a comfortable feeling to enjoy color as the site is the main color, which represents some color effect on collocation, this is undoubtedly gives people a chance to continue reading, without losing the first impression on.

2, good planning panel, clear and organized and healthy. In the planning of the establishment of the product to be arranged in good order, not as long as the product information to the website, it gives the impression that the information can not be trusted, or is the site of the strong influence of enterprise future development and development prospects.

3, avoid the glare of the advertising, such as the product information in some weird colors, and some other ways to use sound to attract users, these are not desirable, and ultimately to people do not feel at ease.

4, it is best not to appear up and down advertising screen. These fluctuations in the advertising pictures are some extraneous irrelevant ads, some companies think that this will increase the click rate, in fact, this impression is not stable, feeling a bit frivolous, damaging the overall image.

5, easy to operate. To win customers at least a few clicks, the hidden too mysterious, will bring the opposite effect.

6, the contact method is simple and practical. If you wish to cooperate with the enterprise, you will contact the enterprise directly, so the contact details should be detailed, the best is eye-catching and good to remember. Give the customer a detailed understanding of the product at the first time.

recently read a lot of propaganda website, there are several web sites the most profound impression, one is generally light green in color, with red and orange to focus on important information, to avoid the color of the gap is too large resulting in visual impact is too strong, lead to resentment. Second, reasonable planning, information neat, there is a zone to display different information, not to some sites, in a mess, everything. Third, there is no dazzling, up and down picture information, a reasonable arrangement of pictures >