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Confessions of a VC of 4 entrepreneurs caning

good hand itch, I really want to borrow "Indiana Jones" in Indiana Jones’s whip to beat those whimsical, opinionated, lazy to do, say, XinBiTianGao unsuspectingly Entrepreneurs… But… The first whip, or let me slap myself! "/p>

even before the first shot about entrepreneur’s guilt, especially those first venture entrepreneurs.

for the first time entrepreneurs, have the courage, mind and technology, can not see the opportunity and responsibility to have intuition from the day comes from fluttering in others, There are plenty of people who. However, do not know for what reason, early entrepreneurs generally lack of financial, is their "digital" love — just like congenital deficiency of calcium Chinese generally exists, or can be called Freud’s "collective unconscious precipitation"

!Here the so-called "digital

", is not to say that entrepreneurs don’t want to make it a million what numbers, nor when they read on the Internet who get tens of millions, several hundred million and sincere enthusiasm, the number of those wild with joy… Here refers to the digital… An early venture company essential, life-threatening financial figures. To be more specific, the start-up company’s financial plan is not a list of fees. Don’t list the prices of a pile of servers and computers, plus a couple of years’ worth of two years’ salary, and claim that this is your financial plan. The key to financial forecasting is to see how much money you run into, how much money flows, and when the company makes a profit and ends up making profits. Entrepreneurs are so confident now that can make a lot of money, you can 1+1=2, 2+2=4, is a penny a penny, a piece of money is a piece of money, out put it down in black and white to me? At least this can make me confident, assured and you go bungee jumping, go to a fortune.

VC if you don’t have to beg, compelling financial forecast is very difficult to get away. In fact, the most VC headaches are often the financial forecasting capabilities of early entrepreneurial teams. On the other hand, there is always another batch of unsuspectingly entrepreneurs, they are confident to earn a lot of money, the dream VC will boldly took out the money to hit the go with them, then try to find a reason to avoid doing homework, refused to work the financial forecasts, as if he were not willing to spend the time to fix a a girlfriend, would all indulge in masturbation, perhaps this is the sin of entrepreneurs.

literally smokes a couple of "masturbation" messages I received today, and although the sender is honest, he should take a few lashes:

"we can’t measure revenue at present, but we can assure you that today’s market share equals the size of our future revenue."

"because you didn’t learn finance… Financial statements (such as income forecasts, etc.), there’s really no way to write it down. You know you can make a lot of money, but >