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Dry sharing public data conversion of existing resources and service users

every good operating public number has its own accumulation of resources, that is, the past has sent dozens of hundreds of text information, marketing activities, publicity materials. Organize these as a small database and call and return in accordance with user behavior. Users will no longer just face a daily push to the public number, but can repeatedly access and access to more information.

in actual operation, how to import a large number of existing text messages and better cover the topic of user communication is the biggest difficulty. Imports can be imported in bulk using public treasure, and without quantitative restrictions, you can directly edit the questions and answers listed in the background directly with EXCEL. For WeChat public platforms, existing text messages can be edited using quick crawl calls.

so that the public number can be sent to the text messages, all sorts of content finishing put into a one-time, fans can make a direct rapid call. Instead of writing hundreds of keywords, repeat them. Fixed cycles to import new resources. When using, use the WeChat robot directly, return the picture and text to the user.

simple keyword reply, when sorting out a large number of historical messages, it is difficult to achieve accurate and practical, but also for the new library is more so. Often encountered in the industry market keyword embedded into the article page, "prompt reply XX can view" way, users do not buy it. One of the key issues is that it affects reading experience and does not connect well with the relationship between the articles. Service users need to cross such a threshold.

‘s current mechanism, relative to WeChat’s keyword, is a better way to upgrade the problem matching mechanism. It covers such techniques as artificial corpus, data collation, semantic understanding and large data fitting. Identify the user in different ways with the same meaning of the question, for example, "I want to eat for the real smart WeChat robot" I want to eat "to" eat "" I’m going to eat "is the same meaning, regardless of the user how to ask questions, can be identified as the same meaning, thus more inclusive chat sentence. This is WeChat WeChat robot robot.

China Merchants Bank Credit Card Center, China Unicom headquarters WeChat robot is the best example of commercialization of such technologies. For the about 8000000 public number for WeChat robotics, the public treasure and other platforms need to be urgent users and businesses to explore.

public number operations, simply send the user’s classified information, in accordance with the menu directory way to return information, and then let users access to the desired way. The effect will be more intuitive and efficient.


life, menu catalogs are very efficient, books, maps, websites, software, and even game interfaces. Intuitive to bring the user’s deeper exploration of the product is convenient, only more in-depth interaction and services. There are no menu subscriptions and content rich public numbers that are especially impressive.

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text menu displays what you see is what you get and what you can do