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Changshu talent network human search day visits have exceeded 100 thousand people

this year, the Changshu talent network ( visits are increasing day by day, after March, the daily volume of visits has exceeded 100 thousand people, which has a special significance for a county-level talent market site.

The 2009 edition of the

talent network in Changshu has enabled some of the technologies that have not been widely used in similar sites, and are more easily accepted on functionality and interfaces. Home cache technology is used to reduce the database load hundreds of times, greatly increasing the speed of page opening. In the job search, talent search function, realize the fuzzy query, multi keyword query, and the query results according to the column sort, this is the big city of Suzhou within the scope of application of the unique user-friendly search function of the human resources website. Websites and systems use a unified core database, eliminating duplication of labor and redundant data, and avoiding the isolated islands of information of each information system. Improve the visitor message function, divided into "online communication, interview communication, enterprise personnel and Q & a column" four major sections, there are more than 2 visitors message, greatly improve the popularity of the site.

promotion, improve website awareness. Through large-scale talent market, advertising links, Google promotion alliance and other means of promotion, Changshu talent network radiation range is greater, wider coverage, more people know. Within the scope of Suzhou City, second only to Suzhou, in Suzhou City, all talent website "China website ranking", second only to Kunshan talent network, Suzhou talent network. Changshu talent Netcom has successfully operated for many years, and its service quality has been continuously improved. It has won wide trust and affirmation from all sides of the society.

flow increased, online recruitment, job hunting is becoming a trend. With the expansion of market supply and demand of social talents, and the implementation of the new labor contract law in 2008, many employers are trying to adapt to this change, from a certain extent, increased mobility, so the unit vacancy also, recruitment needs more. The spread of information and network technology, the birth of a new recruitment mode, according to the release of some social survey data, network recruitment born after several years of development, has become the first choice of senior talents employment platform. Network recruitment time-saving, economical, is not restricted by the time and space, with the network recruitment platform in scale, technology and services are becoming more and more mature, more and more job seekers eyeing online recruitment, and many units also gradually feel "on the Internet without going out of home, the quest for world talent" convenient. Insiders pointed out that the current network recruitment has become the inevitable trend.