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How does 200064 change to 20000 in the server log

has read an article about in the IIS log, and I can’t remember the address of the original. At that time, their own web site did not appear such characters, so it was not very concerned about, and later, the site was plucked. New station has not included. Looking for a lot of reasons, only to get the 64 to 0 method, this method I can not guarantee for you, but my site is really like this.

first look at the 64 explanation in IIS. In DOS, enter net helpmsg 64, the specified network name is no longer available, but you can access it if you visit it. Where exactly is the problem? This is only the HTTP state description of IIS itself.

‘s previous article explains this:

as we all know, Baidu has human intervention. What does this 64 mean,


according to what I’ve been looking at for some time now, although there’s not enough evidence, it’s basically pretty sure in IIS, if the number behind the spider is 2000 64

so this single page will be in the web site in the search engine disappeared. I was behind the K pages are written in 200064, do not know if you agree, there are other views, of course, I say this is not absolute, because I also have a back page display 200064 but is still can be found in the search engine. This also shows that the problem, but most of the 200064 act "has gone. So I think the 200064 spider behavior can be explained by the clear data.

‘s explanation still looks credible at the moment. Flymorn said, grabbing state into 200064 is not normal to grab, grab the normal is symbol of success in 20000, when the search engine error occurred when the page that crawl into a 200064 state, no normal routine grab; for Baidu, Baidu is likely to be no longer the catch in the main page but the index library, put the "Baidu sandbox" in the investigation, investigate how long, see you how to improve, perhaps, you can not see the Baidu released the K website, there is no law.

I have been just

, the Baidu K website, open the website of IIS log (.Log suffix, such as ex080222.log), indeed, also found that Baidu returns 200064 states: 2008-02-22 07:14:37 W3SVC78302822 GET /article/1/79.html Baiduspider+ (+[url]http://s.> – 80 –