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Analysis of the core of the development of information websites

with information sharing rate increased, more and more information websites created, these information websites including health news and information network, health information network, integrated information network and so on, a prerequisite for these site development are: accuracy, speed and keep the information. With the information site on lowering the threshold, there are many owners choose website industry, the author analyzes how to do some of the information owners development information website, the author is now in the hands of a news website, the daily income of about 80, from the establishment to the present time is not long but the benefit is good.

information websites and exchange types of websites are fundamentally different from the information website to provide the user needs information resources, whether it is from the user’s perspective and the perspective of search engine information website, they require information websites must be updated every day a large number of information resources, sustainable development from the following the user and the search engine point of view about how to do the webmaster information websites.

information website should do information mining, prepare

From the domestic

website development trend, the information website for information mining preparation has become inevitable, if your website information is covered in a city, then sent daily information gathering necessary information collection in the city around it is very necessary, day gathering information collection, editing the collected information at night the editor into the article, every morning at 6 to 8 points when updating the website information, I think as long as you promise to this point, then the user will come. User requirements for information websites is not high, in the minds of users daily news information and understanding of the local city can view some things on the line, as long as the webmaster in this well, so the development of the website must have a good foundation.

do a good job of Web site user experience services

every user comes to an information website. Besides watching the information, he also needs some entertaining services. If the information website is your health websites, so appropriate to open a test program, sharing some of the health and psychological test in the column for the website, not only can the user steps to stay, can also increase the amount of PV website. For a long time, the search engine believes that the site has a high degree of user experience, and users also believe that the site brings them practical content.

combines certain picture content to promote information

picture is a killer information site, many users feel no stimulation on the site, and the combination of words and pictures can bring a feeling for the user to take on an altogether new aspect, if you want a thing, then you can get some pictures in this matter, the way through the picture show information content. From the user’s point of view, this is kind of friendly to the user, and many times the user is bored and will come to your website to enjoy the cartoons