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A brief talk about doing community network in secondary schools

Guangzhou barter network also has more than half a year, although the traffic is not too high, the post is not too much, but every member of the population growth, access to the IP are rising, the user experience is enhanced in the right direction so we exchange network in Guangzhou the object of the future still very confident.

below, how do I do a good job in the secondary community network operations on a few points?.

: the first second-hand community network, emphasizing a competitive differentiation, compared to similar items of second-hand second-hand community network network, has the advantage of community atmosphere, than the classification of second-hand information network only some more community identity. At the same time, the second-hand community network than some regional community forums in the secondary transactions of second-hand goods classification information more professional, so compared with the secondary network, reflects more and more WEB2.0 the advantages of interactive community identity. At the same time, it is more professional and more information superiority than the local community forum.

second: secondary community information is too much, how to ensure the authenticity of information, is what we have been thinking about. To this end, the website invited professional lawyers to answer the legal issues encountered in the process of second-hand transactions. In order to identify the liar’s false information, we have also deliberately added a mobile phone ownership of the site query software, so that users can simply avoid some transaction risks. At the same time, strict filtering measures have been adopted so that some false information and illegal information have no place to protect the interests of the vast numbers of users.

third: it’s easy to do websites, but it’s far from easy to promote websites. I tried posting on some famous forums, publicizing websites, distributing flyers, advertising in newspapers, spending a lot of money, but the effect is still not obvious. It pushed me to calm down analysis of the current situation of their own website: personal website without financial support, the development speed can not be too fast, "great leap forward" is not realistic, must gradually step by step development stages. I have always believed that my website has a promising future. Therefore, I adhere to the step-by-step development of ideas, so that users tell friends.

growth process can be said to be a process of the accumulation of intangible assets, in the majority of users constantly set up Guangzhou barter network brand image, in addition, I also pay more attention to the cooperation with other sites, and more than 30 sites to exchange links, continue to promote my website to the outside world. Today, every day there are a lot of second-hand goods information, many users Amoy to the benefits of durable use of second-hand things. It is precisely because of the net friend’s approval, the website can gradually expand.

used to do the community network, and is not an overnight thing, I need to keep on keeping on, I believe that as long as I do, you do, so that the majority of users really benefit from the site, Guangzhou barter network is promising.

—- article starting A5, reprinted please indicate from Guangzhou things exchange network