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How do startups get 100 thousand hits in 3 days

Saturday evening, April 4th, India time Sunday morning 7:30, Techcrunch published an article on us, a mobile application development report.

as usual, I got up and went into the bathroom, holding a Android tablet, ready to check. I received about 70 e-mails that morning. But unlike usual, these messages are basically what I’ve always wanted: someone downloaded the mobile apps development report we developed. For this application, we worked hands and feet for months.

from Sunday through the following Saturday, we’ve been counting the download of this report and trying to get in touch with those who downloaded it. We stopped all the other work on hand and enjoyed the fruits of the web traffic.

only three days of events, our web page has been browsed more than 100 thousand times, the report also downloaded more than 10 thousand times, and now this number is still rising.


that’s the background of the article.

there is no shortcut,

if you want to provide users with quality content and value, then there is no shortcut to go. As a B2B enterprise, you can hardly arouse any emotion of the user.

for this reason, most B2B companies chose to give up early before they actually started writing.

however, if you have fresh and unique opinions about the areas in which you are concerned, there will be audiences waiting to hear your point.

, we’ve published an annual report on trends in mobile applications. The report is not aimed at any industry. We chose a very specific entry point: mobile application development prices in all major markets in the world. We divide application development enterprises into three categories: good, general and novice, and analyze their application development costs. For all companies interested in developing applications by outsourcing, this is the information they need most and the most difficult to find.

however, our report addresses this problem so that they can find the price of all application development service providers in an article.


in order to provide the enterprise with this convenience, we spent about 3 months, and contacted 1000 applications from around the world development store. As a small business without any venture capital background, we don’t have a lot of money to spend. That means we can’t use the free iPad to attract these app stores to participate in our survey.

, we can only take turns